Monyog v7.0 vs Monyog v6.63

Monyog MySQL Monitor v7.0 showcases a completely revamped Monyog GUI which is easy-to-use and helps database administrators to uncover problematic queries to achieve faster resolution time.

Some of the key changes compared in Monyog MySQL monitor v7.0 to Monyog MySQL monitor v6.63:

  • The overview page gives a the top level picture of all the MySQL servers running, identify which are down, critical alerts and warnings. The most important introduction is to get an overview of the top 10 queries across all the MySQL servers registered with Monyog.
  • Servers page to give you an overview of all the MySQL servers registered and their corresponding status, all in one place.
  • The all new Monyog provides the option to create customized dashboard with specific charts. You can add or remove the MySQL servers that requires critical monitoring attention. The dashboard provides the ability to explode a chart and also allows to go back in time and identify queries that bear an impact on your MySQL server performance at a particular timeframe.
  • The ability to identify servers amongst all the MySQL servers registered with Monyog is made simple with the easy-search option.  
  • The powerful Query Analyzer will now show the top 5 queries based on execution time in a separate window.
  • Monyog v7.0 now offers industry leading visibility into MySQL replication hierarchy of servers along with details of each replicated in a clean graphical way.

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