Role Manager

The Role Manager feature allows to create roles in Monyog, which can be then mapped to any users like external LDAP/AD users or the local users created in Monyog. The roles created can then be given different privileges like "Allows server edit", "Allows kill query" etc. along with the option to restrict access to selected tabs in Monyog.

Creating and Assigning Roles

(i) In order to create a Role in Monyog, go to " Settings -> Role manager" and click on "Add role" button.

(ii) Go to " Settings -> User manager" to create/edit a user and assign the created role(s). Select the "Assign Role" option in the Create/Edit user pop up page and select a role to assign from the drop down menu.

(iii) You can Map the LDAP group to the Monyog role created from the Create/Edit user pop up page and by selecting the option " Map External Roles". You can specify the comma separated LDAP group names and select the corresponding Monyog role from the drop down menu.

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