User Management

Using this option User Management, you can create/edit/delete users.  

How To Create User?

  1. Click Settings > User manager. The window opens where you can create/delete users.
  2. To create a new user, click on the link 'Add user' and you can add username and password in the appropriate fields.
  3. To add LDAP group, select 'LDAP Group' from the options and specify 'Username', 'LDAP group DN' and 'LDAP search filter'.
  4. Assign Role: Select this option to assign Monyog role.
  5. Map External Roles: Use this option to Map LDAP roles to Monyog roles.
  6. Add user to Admin group: You can refer Managing multiple users for further more information.
  7. Action management: Use this option to give different privileges like server edit, kill query etc.
  8. Tags management: You can give the list of allowed/disallowed tags to the user.
  9. Tab management: Use this option to restrict access to different tabs in Monyog.

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