CSV file is not displaying correct results for "Query Execution Time" columns

Say for example, in the Query Analyzer Page, Total column's value is 2:16:5.282 but in CSV it is displayed as 16:5.282.

This is a 'formatting problem' in Excel instead if you open the export in Notepad or any other editor this problem will not persist. To view in Excel follow these steps:

  • Save the .csv file on disk.
  • Import the .csv file in Excel as explained below. (Note: Set the Data Format for columns containing time values to Text).

How to import a text file into Excel?

 After you have started Excel (this FAQ uses Excel 2003), follow these steps:

  • On the Data menu, point to Import External Data, and then click Import Data.
  • In the Files of type dialog, click Text Files.
  • In the Look in list, locate and double-click the text file you want to import.
  • Select Delimited option and click on Next.

  • Set Delimiter to your locale-specific delimiter (COMMA " , " for English and SEMICOLON " ; " for most non-English) as you should have already defined in 'Preferences'. Click Next.

  • Select each column and set the Data Format appropriately and then click Finish.

  • In the Import Data dialog, either one of the following options should be performed:
  1. To return the data to the location you selected, click Existing worksheet, and then click OK.
  2. To return the data to a new worksheet, click New worksheet, and then click OK. Microsoft Excel adds a new worksheet to your workbook and automatically puts the external data range in the upper-left corner of the new worksheet.

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