MONyog-bin not found on MONyog START command

There may be two reasons for this error:

  1. Path is invalid. When using the .gz-compressed build for Linux you start the MONyog service like "{path to} MONyog START". If you are executing from the MONyog folder yourself you will need to write "./MONyog START". "./" means 'current folder' and on most Linux 'current folder' is not in PATH environmental variable, so you will have to specify it.
  2. You are trying to run a 64 bit build on a 32 bit platform or vice-versa. The MONyog-bin file is not recognized by the OS as a valid binary. You should use the 32 bit build on 32 bit OS's and the 64 bit build on 64 bit OS's (however support for 32 bit binaries may be configured on 64 bit Linux's, but often it is not the case with DEBIAN based Linux distros - including (k/x)Ubuntu's.

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