Tunneling works for me but I cannot get system counters

I can connect to my FTP server, but could not use that same user to get system counters. Even, I can use the same user in Monyog to tunnel to MySQL server. To collect system counters, the SSH user should have access to a shell. This is specified usually in '/etc/passwd' file. But to tunnel to MySQL server the SSH user does not need a shell access. You can check the shell access which is given in /etc/passwd file.

For FTP users generally shell access will be blocked. A typical FTP user  will have an entry something like this in the '/etc/passwd' file:


A colon (:) is used to separate the fields. All the fields are explained below:

john:                                                    The login name.

x:                                                         An x indicates that the encrypted password for this user is kept in                                                      /etc/shadow file

10009:                                                  The unique User ID for this user.

10001:                                                  The primary Group ID for this user.

Jonathan:                                             This is the User ID info. Generally comments, full name of the user, etc.

/var/www/vhosts/yourdomain.com:      The home directory for this FTP user.

/bin/false:                                           This field indicates the shell access given to the user. And you can see that, no shell access has been given to 'john'. It is /bin/false.

This user 'john' can not use a shell. That is the reason ’john’ can not be used for collecting system counters. But user 'john' can be used for tunneling to MySQL server.

A typical user entry with shell access will have an entry in /etc/passwd something like:


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