Adding new Monitors

To add a new Monitor do the following:

Click on 'Add new Monitor' link from the drop-down in 'Monitors' page.
Choose the type of counter - MySQL, System or Custom SQL.
Type in the name of the group to which this monitor is being added.
Enter the name of the counter being added.
Formula - A MySQL server parameter that would be needed to compute the value of this counter.
Value - This defines a function that computes the value.
DocText - Description of Monitor.
Advise Text - Advise text to the Monitor being added.

In this customization form each field corresponds to a valid MOM property. Some fields take on valid JavaScript expressions while others take on text/HTML as values. The values entered in these fields are used to generate JS objects which are basically name-value pairs.

' General' tab displays properties which are basically necessary to define a Monitor. Properties with asterisk(*) are mandatory. To customize the behavior of the Monitor further, clicking on 'Advanced' tab that will display all MOM properties.

Note: To know more about adding Custom SQL Counters(CSCs)

Add generic functions

Common functions required across multiple Monitors can be put into generic functions. The generic functions shipped with Monyog cannot be edited. Only the user added generic functions will be editable. For example, the function 'StorageUnits' defined in generic functions takes a numeric value as a parameter and returns a string which is the value specified in terms of K(ilo), M(ega), B(ytes), etc. To add a generic function click on the icon adjacent to the title.

To get detailed description of values refer  Monyog object model for more information.   

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