MySQL Error Log

MySQL error log contains information indicating when MySQL was started and stopped and also any critical errors that occur while the server is running. As such, monitoring the error log is crucial – changes to the log are indicative of disastrous outages.

Monyog makes the task of monitoring the error log very simple for you. All you need to do is configure Monyog, and it will take care of the rest!

Monyog will alert you of changes in the error log, and what's more, if there is an entry of type [ERROR] in the log, Monyog will extract the corresponding message and send it to you over e-mail or SNMP if you so choose.

Note: If there are more entries of type [ERROR], then Monyog will show only the last 1024 characters of type [ERROR].

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NOTE: This feature is available in Monyog Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate.

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