Difference between All time/Current, Delta

Define yourself the 'timeframe' of data in the database that shall be used for generating the display.

This 'Monitors' page can be defined to operate in 2 'dynamic modes' and 1 'cumulative mode'. The dynamic modes will auto-update with the most recent data without user interaction. The 'cumulative mode' is  History/Trend Analysis where you can define any time interval for the actual display of the data.

Current: Display values based on Current data values collected by Monyog for every specific server. Some server metrics will only be meaningful after the server has been running for a while (ie, after the server has been 'warmed-up').

Delta: Display results based on data for the period between the last data collection and the collection before that. This will give you a better idea of the current situation, and how much this current situation differs from the 'average' or 'normal' situation.

NOTE: Security, Excessive Privileges, InnoDB Deadlocks and Replication counters are available only in Monyog Ultimate.

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