Windows Installation

Installation on Windows is very simple. Monyog ships with a fully automated installer. Double-click this installer and the program will install.

After verifying that all hardware and system requirements are met, follow the steps below to prepare for the installation of Monyog.

1. Double-click the installer, the program to install Monyog opens. Click Next.

Window Installation_1

2. In this screen, you will be asked to read and accept the license agreement to install Monyog. Please read it carefully. Installation will not proceed if you choose 'not to accept' the license.

Windows Installation_2

3. Choose which features of Monyog you wish to install and then click next.

Windows Installation_3

4. Choose the appropriate location to install Monyog where setup will be installed in the specified path. Click next.

Windows Installation_4

5. Before finishing the installation, it will prompt for a password. This password is required whenever you want to connect to Monyog from a browser - whether from the computer where Monyog is installed or from another computer. Click Install after typing password.

Windows Installation_5

Note:A few basic configuration parameters such as, on which TCP-port the Monyog service shall listen. If you want to change the configuration parameters later you can edit the 'MONyog.ini' file which is stored in MONyog folder,

  • Location in Windows 2K/XP/2003: {System_drive}:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Webyog\MONyog
  • Location in Windows Vista:{System_drive}:\ProgramData\Webyog\MONyog). You will need to restart the MONyog service for the change to take effect.

6. Click next to complete setup.

Windows Installation_6

7. Click finish.

Windows Installation_7

Monyog installs as a service on Windows. You can manage the Monyog service from the Windows Service Manager as you would do with any other service in the OS. However, the Monyog service by default starts with Windows and would not need your attention under normal circumstances.

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