Monyog AMI

Monyog AMI comes with the default installation of 64 bit Monyog and nginx reverse proxy on Amazon Linux. You can find Monyog installer in the home directory.

If Monyog AMI's default security group is used, Monyog User Interface can be accessed on port 80(http) and 443(https). The URL to access Monyog would be:

  • http://<Public DNS of the Amazon instance>

  • https://<Public DNS of the Amazon instance>

Upgrading And Installing:

Upgrading and installing Monyog can be either done by:

  • yum update/install MONyog
  • Downloading the binaries from here and:

                rpm -Uvh MONyog-<version>.rpm (for upgrading)

                rpm -ivh MONyog-<version>.rpm (for installing)

NGINX Configuration:

Monyog AMI is configured with nginx reverse proxy. Nginx listens on ports 80 and 443 and forwards the incoming traffic to Monyog's default port 5555.

Monyog AMI comes with an SSL certificate which is not verfied by any Certificate Authority(CA).


  1. We highly recommend you to change the SSL certificates. You can either have a self-signed  SSL certificate or get one signed by any Certificate Authority(CA). Refer the following to know more about generating SSL certificates with OpenSSL: Also refer FAQ 15 points 5-7.
    To change SSL certificates in Nginx follow the  FAQ 14  section of the HELP file.
  2. Reset the admin password before continuing to use Monyog. Refer here for more details.

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