Supported Platforms

Monyog installs on Windows and Linux, however you can view Monyog reports on any AJAX browser - including browsers shipped with mobile devices.

Currently, Monyog is supported on Microsoft Windows (2003 and higher) and on Linux. We do not support specific Linux distributions but provide installers based on the (originally Red Hat) .RPM standards. They will install directly on most Red Hat/Fedora installations. For Debian type distributions (including (k/x) ubuntu) the zipped tar package can be used. Note that, with Monyog-8.1.1 release, because of the upgrade in our building environment, the Monyog package will require a kernel version >= 2.6.32 in order to be installed.

Monyog will work with MySQL on any platform...

You should understand that 'supported platforms' only refers the platforms on which Monyog itself must be installed. It does not in any way enforce restrictions on the platform MySQL is installed on. If there is a MySQL server running, Monyog can connect to it!

... and additional system information will be available from most popular platforms.

However for getting information about the operating system where the MySQL server is running there are limitations: it is possible to get this information from Windows, Linux and some Unix systems. From Windows system this information is retrieved using WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) and on Linux/Unix using SSH. Needless to say, t hese features must be enabled/available if Monyog is to be able to retrieve system information. System information can be retrieved from Linux servers only (through SSH).

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