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What is MONyog?

MONyog is a "MySQL DBA in a box" that helps MySQL DBAs manage MySQL servers.

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Installation instructions for MONyog on Windows and Linux.

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Getting Started & Registering Servers

Getting started and registering MySQL servers in MONyog.

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Monitor MySQL server proactively with 600+ monitors and advisors.

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Real Time

Monitor the vital stats of MySQL server in real-time.

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Query Analyzer

All about on how to identify problem SQL using Query Analyzer feature.

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Help DBAs track the number of threads currently executing on MySQL server.

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Real time Charts for monitoring all MySQL servers.

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Server Configuration

Maintaining and tracking server configuration of the MySQL servers.

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Disk Info

Disk space usage analysis of the monitored MySQL servers.

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Replication, Events & Wayback Machine

Understanding Replication, events and wayback machine features of MONyog.

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Configuring MONyog

Configuration settings for MONyog.

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MONyog Database Schema

All about MONyog's internal SQLite database schema.

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The MONyog API

MONyog's API enables it to interact with other softwares like the command shell.

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Have trouble? See if we can help you out with that.

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